Car Parts & Breakers

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ABARTH(2 parts)
ABARTH/FIAT(2 breakers)
ADLY(5 parts)
AIXAM(12 parts, 2 breakers)
ALFA ROMEO(1,350 parts, 127 breakers)
APRILIA(2 parts, 4 breakers)
APRILLA(1 breaker)
ASTON MARTIN(92 parts, 1 breaker)
AUDI(10,483 parts, 543 breakers)
AUSTIN(4 parts, 2 breakers)
B M W(1 breaker)
BENTLEY(2 breakers)
BIKE(14 breakers)
BMW(22,404 parts, 1,025 breakers)
CADILLAC(1 part, 2 breakers)
CARAVAN(3 breakers)
CARBODIES(5 parts)
CCM(1 breaker)
CHEVROLET(1,076 parts, 121 breakers)
CHRYSLER(429 parts, 84 breakers)
CITROEN(9,766 parts, 974 breakers)
DACIA(313 parts, 19 breakers)
DAEWOO(374 parts, 89 breakers)
DAIHATSU(209 parts, 72 breakers)
DAIMLER(1 breaker)
DERBI(2 parts)
DODGE(10 parts, 5 breakers)
DS(1 breaker)
DUCATI(1 part, 3 breakers)
FIAT(6,066 parts, 777 breakers)
FORD(25,836 parts, 2,454 breakers)
GILERA(1 breaker)
HAOTIAN(6 parts)
HONDA(7,712 parts, 751 breakers)
HUMMER(2 breakers)
HYUNDAI(3,855 parts, 356 breakers)
INFINITI(32 parts, 2 breakers)
ISUZU(266 parts, 27 breakers)
ISUZU TRUCKS(74 parts, 1 breaker)
IVECO(135 parts, 16 breakers)
JAGUAR(2,453 parts, 229 breakers)
JEEP(593 parts, 44 breakers)
KAWASAKI(1 part, 18 breakers)
KIA(3,856 parts, 313 breakers)
KYMCO(4 parts)
LAND ROVER(3,298 parts, 223 breakers)
LDV(240 parts, 13 breakers)
LEXMOTO(1 breaker)
LEXUS(1,123 parts, 133 breakers)
LINTEX(4 parts)
LONGJIA(1 part)
LOTUS(18 parts, 3 breakers)
MALAGUTI(1 breaker)
MAN(1 breaker)
MASERATI(105 parts, 3 breakers)
MAZDA(4,591 parts, 439 breakers)
MERCEDES(18,396 parts, 497 breakers)
MERCEDES-BENZ(15 parts, 5 breakers)
MG(1,015 parts, 145 breakers)
MICROCAR(41 parts, 8 breakers)
MINI(5,006 parts, 255 breakers)
MITSUBISHI(2,851 parts, 312 breakers)
MORGAN(3 parts)
MORRIS(1 part, 1 breaker)
NISSAN(8,614 parts, 907 breakers)
NOBLE(2 parts)
OPEL(12 parts, 2 breakers)
PERODUA(78 parts, 11 breakers)
PEUGEOT(14,297 parts, 1,511 breakers)
PIAGGIO(9 parts, 2 breakers)
PORSCHE(925 parts, 41 breakers)
PROTON(433 parts, 44 breakers)
QINGQI(4 parts)
RELIANT(1 part, 1 breaker)
RENAULT(13,038 parts, 1,630 breakers)
ROLLS ROYCE(33 parts)
ROVER(1,152 parts, 285 breakers)
ROVER GROUP(1 breaker)
SAAB(1,124 parts, 148 breakers)
SACHS(9 parts)
SEAT(4,772 parts, 364 breakers)
SKODA(5,192 parts, 384 breakers)
SMART(722 parts, 61 breakers)
SSANGYONG(91 parts, 17 breakers)
SUBARU(1,146 parts, 137 breakers)
SUKIDA(1 breaker)
SUNNCAMP(1 breaker)
SUZUKI(2,730 parts, 399 breakers)
SYM(1 part, 2 breakers)
TAISHAN(1 part)
TALBOT(2 breakers)
TATA(4 breakers)
TESLA(121 parts, 1 breaker)
TOYOTA(9,040 parts, 815 breakers)
TRAILER(1 breaker)
TRIUMPH(55 parts, 9 breakers)
TVR(33 parts, 3 breakers)
VAUXHALL(37,399 parts, 2,834 breakers)
VESPA (DOUGLAS)(2 parts, 1 breaker)
VOLKSWAGEN(21,096 parts, 1,384 breakers)
VOLVO(3,110 parts, 321 breakers)
YAMAHA(82 parts, 24 breakers)
ZNEN(1 breaker)
Hundreds of thousands of car parts available