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PartShark provides a simple and convenient way to search the leading vehicle dismantlers for used car parts and second hand car parts in the UK. Simply enter your registration number and we'll lookup the details and show you what's available.

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You can search and also browse all our new, used and second hand car parts by selecting the make on the right hand side. Once you select a make you can then start searching for used car parts by entering your search term. Our system will then suggest parts based on what you type.

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Popular makes

ALFA ROMEO(2,043 parts, 159 breakers)
AUDI(10,667 parts, 468 breakers)
BMW(22,908 parts, 759 breakers)
CHEVROLET(2,024 parts, 114 breakers)
CITROEN(19,682 parts, 982 breakers)
FIAT(13,931 parts, 743 breakers)
FORD(48,732 parts, 2,385 breakers)
HONDA(11,127 parts, 555 breakers)
HYUNDAI(8,000 parts, 322 breakers)
JAGUAR(4,274 parts, 199 breakers)
KIA(6,304 parts, 261 breakers)
LAND ROVER(4,647 parts, 180 breakers)
MAZDA(8,923 parts, 369 breakers)
MERCEDES(8,678 parts, 426 breakers)
MG(3,511 parts, 183 breakers)
MINI(3,694 parts, 160 breakers)
MITSUBISHI(5,674 parts, 223 breakers)
NISSAN(13,658 parts, 736 breakers)
PEUGEOT(24,767 parts, 1,348 breakers)
RENAULT(27,453 parts, 1,428 breakers)
ROVER(5,303 parts, 341 breakers)
SAAB(3,227 parts, 165 breakers)
SEAT(7,801 parts, 306 breakers)
SKODA(6,851 parts, 297 breakers)
SUBARU(3,099 parts, 149 breakers)
SUZUKI(6,440 parts, 284 breakers)
TOYOTA(12,828 parts, 649 breakers)
VAUXHALL(80,512 parts, 3,019 breakers)
VOLKSWAGEN(24,546 parts, 1,124 breakers)
VOLVO(4,429 parts, 258 breakers)