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PartShark provides a simple and convenient way to search the leading vehicle dismantlers for used car parts and second hand car parts in the UK. Simply enter your registration number and we'll lookup the details and show you what's available.

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You can search and also browse all our new, used and second hand car parts by selecting the make on the right hand side. Once you select a make you can then start searching for used car parts by entering your search term. Our system will then suggest parts based on what you type.

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Popular makes

ALFA ROMEO(1,465 parts, 103 breakers)
AUDI(10,348 parts, 501 breakers)
BMW(21,512 parts, 876 breakers)
CITROEN(9,910 parts, 827 breakers)
FIAT(6,010 parts, 568 breakers)
FORD(24,284 parts, 2,089 breakers)
HONDA(7,256 parts, 604 breakers)
HYUNDAI(3,379 parts, 284 breakers)
JAGUAR(2,402 parts, 210 breakers)
KIA(4,079 parts, 286 breakers)
LAND ROVER(3,288 parts, 197 breakers)
LEXUS(1,310 parts, 112 breakers)
MAZDA(4,339 parts, 321 breakers)
MERCEDES(20,100 parts, 415 breakers)
MG(1,090 parts, 107 breakers)
MINI(4,700 parts, 230 breakers)
MITSUBISHI(2,668 parts, 279 breakers)
NISSAN(8,814 parts, 792 breakers)
PEUGEOT(13,862 parts, 1,314 breakers)
RENAULT(13,114 parts, 1,333 breakers)
ROVER(1,215 parts, 221 breakers)
SAAB(1,319 parts, 112 breakers)
SEAT(4,735 parts, 348 breakers)
SKODA(4,687 parts, 289 breakers)
SUBARU(1,063 parts, 95 breakers)
SUZUKI(2,830 parts, 313 breakers)
TOYOTA(8,922 parts, 738 breakers)
VAUXHALL(48,478 parts, 2,351 breakers)
VOLKSWAGEN(19,546 parts, 1,220 breakers)
VOLVO(2,904 parts, 283 breakers)