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PartShark provides a simple and convenient way to search the leading vehicle dismantlers for used car parts and second hand car parts in the UK. Simply enter your registration number and we'll lookup the details and show you what's available.

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You can search and also browse all our new, used and second hand car parts by selecting the make on the right hand side. Once you select a make you can then start searching for used car parts by entering your search term. Our system will then suggest parts based on what you type.

Breaking vehicles

Breaking vehicles are a source of used and second hand car parts. An experienced engineer will select serviceable parts from our breaking vehicles, either as you request any used car parts or to put them into stock. Many used parts are removed from breaking vehicles (sometimes called breakers) and put into stock and are ready to be delivered next day.

Nationwide UK service

The used car parts and breaking vehicles listed on PartShark are available throughout the UK. You can collect car parts from our vehicle dismantlers parts and service counters or have the second hand car parts delivered directly to your door or repair centre.

Recycled parts are greener and economical

By purchasing a second hand or used car part you are helping the environment and saving money.

Salvage Cars, Insurance write-offs and Repairable Vehicles

A great source of cheap cars that need repair is Salvage & Repairable vehicles supplied by insurance companies. Write-offs often just need a quick repair and some cheap car parts and they can go back on the road. Find Salvage Cars at SalvageShark

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Popular makes

ALFA ROMEO(1,207 parts, 75 breakers)
AUDI(16,110 parts, 638 breakers)
BMW(28,153 parts, 1,019 breakers)
CHEVROLET(943 parts, 90 breakers)
CITROEN(10,209 parts, 619 breakers)
FIAT(4,517 parts, 366 breakers)
FORD(33,309 parts, 1,884 breakers)
HONDA(9,982 parts, 491 breakers)
HYUNDAI(5,646 parts, 255 breakers)
JAGUAR(4,150 parts, 173 breakers)
KIA(6,086 parts, 289 breakers)
LAND ROVER(5,149 parts, 192 breakers)
LEXUS(1,828 parts, 93 breakers)
MAZDA(5,981 parts, 320 breakers)
MERCEDES(25,265 parts, 561 breakers)
MINI(6,983 parts, 288 breakers)
MITSUBISHI(3,333 parts, 144 breakers)
NISSAN(10,295 parts, 577 breakers)
PEUGEOT(15,153 parts, 948 breakers)
PORSCHE(1,667 parts, 48 breakers)
RENAULT(11,110 parts, 734 breakers)
SEAT(6,188 parts, 317 breakers)
SKODA(5,379 parts, 272 breakers)
SMART(1,148 parts, 66 breakers)
SUBARU(1,267 parts, 64 breakers)
SUZUKI(3,973 parts, 252 breakers)
TOYOTA(10,138 parts, 573 breakers)
VAUXHALL(63,607 parts, 1,907 breakers)
VOLKSWAGEN(24,551 parts, 1,166 breakers)
VOLVO(4,242 parts, 217 breakers)
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SCB Vehicle Dismantlers SCB Vehicle Dismantlers

Part Condition:4.78/5.0
Postage Costs:4.67/5.0
Delivery Time:4.94/5.0
Correct Part:100%
Feedback Count:18
Proportion of Sales:17.24%

ASM Autos ASM Autos

Part Condition:4.44/5.0
Postage Costs:4.05/5.0
Delivery Time:4.59/5.0
Correct Part:95.31%
Feedback Count:64
Proportion of Sales:18.97%

Car Transplants Car Transplants

Part Condition:4.23/5.0
Postage Costs:4.31/5.0
Delivery Time:4.62/5.0
Correct Part:87.84%
Feedback Count:74
Proportion of Sales:28.45%

Combellack Combellack

Part Condition:4.45/5.0
Postage Costs:4.27/5.0
Delivery Time:4.67/5.0
Correct Part:90.91%
Feedback Count:33
Proportion of Sales:12.93%

Silverlake Garage Silverlake Garage

Part Condition:4.57/5.0
Postage Costs:4.59/5.0
Delivery Time:4.84/5.0
Correct Part:97.3%
Feedback Count:37
Proportion of Sales:1.72%

SCB Motorcycles SCB Motorcycles

Part Condition:4.52/5.0
Postage Costs:4.6/5.0
Delivery Time:4.79/5.0
Correct Part:94.03%
Feedback Count:67
Proportion of Sales:17.24%