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PartShark provides a simple and convenient way to search the leading vehicle dismantlers for used car parts and second hand car parts in the UK. Simply enter your registration number and we'll lookup the details and show you what's available.

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You can search and also browse all our new, used and second hand car parts by selecting the make on the right hand side. Once you select a make you can then start searching for used car parts by entering your search term. Our system will then suggest parts based on what you type.

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Popular makes

AUDI(5,722 parts, 568 breakers)
BMW(12,501 parts, 743 breakers)
CITROEN(2,677 parts, 408 breakers)
FIAT(1,700 parts, 209 breakers)
FORD(6,616 parts, 1,308 breakers)
HONDA(2,618 parts, 423 breakers)
HYUNDAI(1,162 parts, 254 breakers)
JAGUAR(1,391 parts, 158 breakers)
KIA(1,901 parts, 254 breakers)
LAND ROVER(2,974 parts, 162 breakers)
LEXUS(918 parts, 68 breakers)
MAZDA(1,159 parts, 269 breakers)
MCLAREN(605 parts, 11 breakers)
MERCEDES(13,434 parts, 594 breakers)
MINI(1,912 parts, 172 breakers)
MITSUBISHI(1,337 parts, 173 breakers)
NISSAN(3,419 parts, 532 breakers)
PEUGEOT(3,076 parts, 588 breakers)
PORSCHE(1,672 parts, 43 breakers)
RENAULT(3,006 parts, 558 breakers)
SAAB(558 parts, 49 breakers)
SEAT(1,437 parts, 298 breakers)
SKODA(1,721 parts, 293 breakers)
SUZUKI(1,472 parts, 257 breakers)
TOYOTA(2,976 parts, 446 breakers)
V(561 parts)
VAUXHALL(8,733 parts, 1,498 breakers)
VOLKSWAGEN(7,451 parts, 931 breakers)
VOLVO(1,520 parts, 214 breakers)
YAMAHA(711 parts, 29 breakers)